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Pinboard Bookmarklets

pinboard url history
Loads the Pinboard history page of the current URL.

LJ & DW Bookmarklets

Reloads the page with style=mine, replacing format=light or style=site if necessary.
Reloads the page with style=site, replacing format=light or style=mine if necessary.
Reloads the page with format=light, replacing style=site or style=mine if necessary.
Reloads the page with style=mine and mode=reply, so that comments aren't shown and scrollbars reflect actual length of entry contents.
Clean URL
Reloads the page with any anchor and form parameters stripped out. Good for removing style=mine, format=light and #cutids.

I updated these in May 2010, so shoot me a heads up via my gmail account, verymurklins, if you find something isn't working for you.