Greasemonkey Scripts

For Dreamwidth

LJ/DW Title Rewriter Install

Reformats post titles as "username in community: title" -- useful when tagging in Delicious.

Scans Daily Delicious Tags Install

Injects scans_daily Delicious tags into the scans_daily Dreamwidth community.

Also for Chrome! Install in Chrome

For Google Docs

Google Docs Comment Name-Date Hider Install

Hides the name and date text that is automatically added to comments (those inserted with Ctrl-M). Code based almost entirely on Arthaey Angosii's Google Docs Comment Toggler.


LJ/DW Title Rewriter Install

Reformats post titles as "username in community: title" -- useful when tagging in Delicious.

LJ-cuts in the Inbox Install

In the LJ Inbox, collapse cut contents under cut links instead of showing entries in their full form. Click Expand Cuts to show cut contents in place, or click a cut link to jump to the entry page itself. Click Hide Cuts to again collapse the cut contents. Cut-text is shown in both collapsed and expanded views. Entries with polls get cut-text added, but do not collapse content since that breaks the polls.

LJ Thread Expand All Install

Clicks all the comment Expand links for you. I don't actually remember how well this one works. I use it infrequently -- probably it only works on plain comment pages?


The most up to date versions of these scripts are likely to be at my userscripts page.

Auto-Highlight Bundled Tags Install

Automatically checks off "Highlight tags already in another bundle" anytime the bundle edit page is loaded.

Show Unbundled Install

On the page where you pick a bundle to edit, show the unbundled tags so you know what bundle to choose. Also, when you hover over an unbundled tag, show most recent link that has that tag. (preview)

Show Unbundled Lite Install

Just like Show Unbundled, but without the hover action of the original script. Nice and lightweight.

Unbundled To Top Install

Changes the tag bundle edit page to show unbundled tags at the top of the list. Also, when you hover over an unbundled tag, shows most recent link that has that tag. (preview)

Tag Links on Bundle Edit Page Install

When you alt-click a tag on's tag bundle edit page, a new window opens showing your links bookmarked with that tag.

Bundle Names on Hover Install

On the bundle edit pages, hover over a tag to show which bundles it belongs to. (preview)

Slash Tag Emboldener Install

Make tags with forward slashes in them stand out. Great for picking out fanfiction pairings. (preview)

Dim Saved Links Install

Dim out any links on Delicious that you've already saved in your own account. (preview)

Sort Visible Links Install

Provide title, url and popularity sort options for all the links shown on the page. (preview)

Sidebar Untruncator Install

Display full tag and bundle names in the sidebar.

Top Pagination Install

Show Prev, Next, etc pagination links at top of list as well as bottom.

Bonus: Userstyle for Stylish - Tags on left, meta on right

Install at

Move the tag chain to the left and left-align it, and move all the various things that end up in the "meta" div to the right. What the meta div holds depends on the page you're viewing. When viewing your own bookmarks, for example, the meta div contains the group of action links (share/edit/delete). (preview)