URL Cleaner for del.icio.us Complete

This is an extension that sits on top of the del.icio.us Complete extension. When you use the del.icio.us Complete posting dialogue to tag a link, it detects if the URL you're about to tag has an anchor or any form parameters, and offers a Clean URL link you can click to strip them off. Useful for removing ?style=mine, ?format=light and #cutids from LiveJournal links.

August 26, 2008: Version 1.2

New in this version - Firefox 3 compatibility update, plus clicking Clean URL now causes del.icio.us Complete to call the function that rechecks the URL against the selected Delicious account. Refetching can be turned off by opening the Add-ons window and accessing the URL Cleaner options.

URL Cleaner for del.icio.us Complete Version 1.2

(If Firefox does not prompt you to install the extension, just download it to your machine and then drag the downloaded file onto an open Firefox window to trigger the installation.)